Craftwali Couple Explosion Box
December 14, 2020

Craftwali Heart Explosion box


Are you looking for a unique way to send greetings to someone? Instead of sending a plain old greeting card, you can make them feel extremely special by giving them an explosion box.


Explosion box decorated beautifully with a centerpiece and unique craft on the top. When open, all the sides of boxes fall back to provide a huge three-layered card filled with small message postcards, flaps, pull-out message tags, and photo spaces. It is ideal as a birthday/anniversary gift for your loved one as you can customize it with your own messages and photos, making it an exceptionally significant-high-quality present. We provide various types of explosion boxes like explosion box for birthday, explosion box with chocolate, explosion box for anniversary, and many more. Get the best explosion boxes online with Craftwali.
Send your photos or messages to us and we will add them to your box, making it ready for presentation. We can accommodate up to 28 messages or photos.