Our vision is to make significant and beautiful gifts for every single extraordinary event. Regardless of whether it was a birthday, commemoration, infant shower, or wedding, we mean to make unique, exceptional, and extremely alluring solicitations, present boxes, and adornment intended to make that occasion an additional extraordinary encounter for all.

Craftwali isn't the greatest gifting organization yet the most genuine gifting company. We just take your requests yet in addition deal with your feelings and desire you have while you consider sending a blessing to somebody extraordinary in your life. We generally give our best to add feelings to our endowments with our endeavors and truthfulness.

Being a Handmade Gift Maker is simple and hard simultaneously. So natural since it's what we love, yet so difficult to make an extraordinary substance that you like. In Craftwali, we share a similar reason to make bliss. Our Handmade Gifts are more than just Gifts; they’re beautiful works of art. Who knew paper could be twisted in so many unique shapes. We offer an online platform for unique, exclusive, and customized products made using paper quilling techniques, arts & crafts. We are headquartered in Udaipur and ship in the selected cities of India.


Garima comes with no formal art background and no family heritage of arts. She founded Craftwali with her belief that the paper art market in India has tremendous unexplored potential. She started paper quilling art 8 years back just as a hobby & she found it very interesting! Since then, she has been learning & exploring the art of paper quilling. She uses the Web and books as sources of inspiration.


Vineet manages the marketing, communications, and sales of Craftwali. He is a pharmacy graduate. His family is in the pharmaceutical business for 45 years. He has 5 years of sales experience in pharmaceutical products, and always wanted to promote products that are made in India because he is a strong follower of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. He is a motivational speaker, Bussiness Consultant, Sales Trainner and director at WONDERFUL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.